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The Wisley Golf Club

11 out of 10

Please note: The provided excerpt of the video is a shortened and heavily edited version. The final version is reserved exclusively for The Wisley members and individuals in the process of qualifying for membership

That was the reaction at the board meeting when the new club video was presented. Of course, this was a huge complement to our team, who worked tirelessly on this video trying to capture what makes The Wisley such a unique place. Given the fact that The Wisley is strictly a member’s club it is difficult to experience it. Basically, unless one is invited by a member, it’s impossible to play or even visit The Wisley. Because of that, Sam Oliver (Membership Director) wanted to create a video for people on the membership waiting list, giving them a bit of an insight into what being a member at The Wisley is like. Of course, the video has to feature the beautiful courses and some of the facilities, but we made the culture a significant message. The carefully crafted script captures six members’ voices as they casually talk about what The Wisley means to them, what’s important to them and why they love the club so much. Colin Montgomery, who has been a member at The Wisley for most of his golfing career, welcomes the viewer into the video and Denis Pugh, also a member, gives his view on the club, but in the true spirit of The Wisley where every member is an equal owner of the club, we decided to feature regular club golfers rather than the many tour pros who have chosen to become a member at the club. In the true style of The Wisley, we left no stone unturned to create a video that matches the attention to detail and the dedication to perfection that is part of The Wisley culture. We got Kevin Murray on board for the filming and editing, making use of his latest drones and his many years of golf photography experience. Since The Wisley is the most progressive private member golf club in the UK, we needed the music to be on point. Struggling to find a piece of music that fitted the bill, we teamed up with a young producer who composed the perfect track for us. The reaction from the board was more than we could have hoped for.