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Upswing – The Wisley Golf Magazine

A winning combination

Bently Continental GT

The most powerful marketing campaigns are those that don’t feel like you are being sold to.

When we came up with the idea of creating a golf magazine for The Wisley, we had a ton of ideas for content. As per the concept of Upswing, we didn’t want the usual golf magazine content because, frankly, what’s the point in that. So one of the regular columns was ‘A Future Star in a Dream Car’.

We knew that a good majority of our readership likes nice cars, but we didn’t just want to write the usual car review. Instead, we looked for some young talents who had a good chance to make it in whatever their chosen field is, and interviewed them on the way to The Wisley in a stunning car that these young talents may be lucky enough to drive one day.

Our readers were able to enjoy a truthful account of the experience in the car and got a bit of an insight into the lives of the various young talents we interviewed. Surely a winning combination.

Jude Russel

Jude Russell was the first talent to be featured in our “Future Star in a Dream Car”. When we took the young and up-and-coming footballer Jude for a spin in​ Bentley Continental GT, he played at the Crystal Palace Academy. Soon after our article went live, Jude was proud to announce that he was given his first pro contract at Crystal Palace. He has since signed for Brentford where he is slotting in nicely into the B team. The next couple of years will continue to be very exciting for Jude naturally hoping to break into the first team. We wish him all the very best.

Josh Uduje

Josh Uduje couldn’t believe his eyes when he was picked up in the Aston Martin DB11. Josh is a very promising basketball player, currently still studying and, of course, playing in the US. His career is progressing nicely both academically and on court we are pleased to report. Fingers crossed we will soon see him in the NBA.

Thalia Kirby

Thalia Kirby was clearly impressed when the bright red Ferrari Roma turned up to take her on a ride. The young ambitious lady has also made the trip across the channel where she is currently studying and playing golf in Florida. We do hope her dream to be invited to play Augusta Women before 2025 will come true.

Of course, we wish all of our future stars all the very best of success. Watch this space.