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All things to all people

Sashco van

We certainly aren’t the first to tell you that you can’t be all things to all people. And figuring out what makes a brand unique should be every designer’s or brand strategist’s approach to a re-brand. When Michael from Sashco came to us to talk about the next phase of the business he built over 20 years, we did exactly that.

Sashco Business Card

Sashco was and still is an established window supplier to the trade with a strong reputation. However, Michael recognised that the business had more potential, which he was eager to explore: the residential market.
Over the years, Sashco always had some residential customers, but it was never a focus of the business. And indeed, there was some nervousness that this move could potentially jeopardise his trade business.

In one of our brand sprints, we defined the brand DNA and formulated a plan.

Sashco is all about quality and genuine, honest advice – something that’s easily translated to the trade and the retail market. The trade customers have always appreciated Sashco’s passion, reliability, know-how and appreciation for architecture, and these values are equally important to the retail customer.
Having identified the brand DNA and strategy, we gave Sashco a new look. Naturally, the logo is a visual expression of the strategic work done beforehand. Carefully crafted, sophisticated and contemporary with an appreciation of the classic sash window, Sashco is ready to take on the residential market as well as servicing its trade customers.

Sashco brand canvas

While we agree with the statement ‘you can’t be all things to all people’, this doesn’t mean you can’t expand or diversify as long as you don’t compromise your brand DNA.

Sashco shirt