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The Wisley Golf Club

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The Wisley’s dedicated auction website

We are thrilled to announce the successful launch and completion of The Wisley auction website, a vibrant new platform designed to allow Club members to bid on exclusive items and experiences. This innovative project is not just about bidding – it’s about fostering community, supporting local charities, and creating unforgettable experiences.

If you want the best customer (or, in this case, “member”) experience, you sometimes have to do things your own way. That’s the conclusion The Wisley came to with their charity auctions. The Wisley has a dedicated Foundation that is responsible for putting the money raised by the club to good use. Rather than giving the money to other charities, The Wisley Foundation is actively involved in working closely with organisations helping the local community and has completed various worthy projects. The Wisley raises money by holding various events, many of them involving auctions. There are many companies specialising in managing auctions for clubs, but their experience is just not quite as high-end and easy as The Wisley had expected. This year, it was decided that a better solution should be found. After reviewing all the best options, we were the lucky partner of choice.

By developing a custom-built site, we were able to align the auction platform with The Wisley’s branding, creating a familiar environment for our members. The site is designed with a focus on user experience, making it intuitive for members to participate in any of the auctions. Whether members are bidding for a professional golfer to complete their team in a Pro-Am or bidding for a jeroboam bottle of the world’s finest gin, the site ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience. Special features like bidding history draw on the competitive nature of the members. But we also consider the charitable cause and have incorporated a feature that extends the auction end by 2 minutes beyond the auction finish time. In the event of a virtual bidding war, this allows members to continue bidding until no further bids are received for 2 minutes. A unique feature that The Wisley Foundation is very grateful for.