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The Wisley Golf Club

Multi-purpose packaging

The Wisley welcome pack

It goes without saying, but packaging is hugely important in delivering a customer experience. Particularly luxury brands spend an enormous amount on packaging that delivers on the luxury brand experience associated with the brand.

So when we worked with The Wisley on creating packaging for their welcome pack – designed to be handed out to new members – we naturally considered all the obvious options such as high-end cardboard boxes, wooden boxes and even metal boxes designed to hold the bag tag along with the member introduction collateral, personalised golf balls and the share certificate.

When you know The Wisley, ‘the obvious’ doesn’t seem right however. The Wisley is not about doing what everybody else in the golf industry is doing, and so it didn’t feel right to give a new member a box – even if it is a luxurious one – that will most likely find its way into landfill once all items are removed. We looked into a more purposeful solution – a box with more than just one use, a box that would outlive its content so to speak.

The answer was found in a bespoke Wisley-branded leather shoe bag in a typically understated design. The inside of the shoebag features a simple recycled cardboard insert meticulously designed and laser cut for precision cardboard engineering. The insert is made from recycled cardboard and is going back into recycling once the items have been removed. The shoebag is a nice gift for the new members and is no doubt enjoyed for years to come.

The Wisley welcome pack