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Swiss cheese and Swiss chocolate are probably the best-known F&B exports from Switzerland but be assured – there’s more: exquisite spirits, for example.

From Absinth to Vodka and Gin, Liqueurs and Rum, family-owned Swiss distillery Studer has passionately created some of the world’s most celebrated spirits since 1883. And today, more than ever, the family is tirelessly working on new creations, such as the BROOSTER range – cold-brew coffee from Illy paired with one of Studer’s finest spirits: Rum, Williams, or Gin – a true taste sensation.
Judges around the world have recognised the passion and dedication and awarded Studer’s spirits with multiple gold medals. The distillery itself has been awarded “Best Swiss Distillery” numerous times, including 2019-2020 and 2021-2022, and “Best International Distillery” at the ISW (the biggest international trade show in Europe) three times in a row. An accomplishment no other distillery has managed to achieve yet.

When Studer entered the UK market with the strategy to build and grow the Studer brand organically in the UK, we started with the build of their e-commerce website.

We treated the brand as a start-up business with a focus on flexibility and simplicity because – experience clearly shows – these businesses inevitably go through a steep learning curve in a relatively short time frame.
Therefore, flexibility and easy maintenance were key for the client.
We were conscious of building the site in a way that would
(A) allow us to easily expand and adapt the site with more functionalities as and when required and
(B) allow the client to manage and update parts of the website themselves.

Besides giving a glimpse of the brand’s story, the site is naturally designed as an online shop window. All products stocked in the UK are available for purchase online, fully integrated with stock control and a straightforward form to fill in the details when making a purchase. Once an order is placed, the customer receives updates via e-mail as soon as the order is processed and picked up by the courier. The courier’s unique tracking number allows the customer to follow their order straight up to their door. The customer is also able to subscribe to their newsletter to stay up-to-date with new product launches, recipes, and exclusive offers. Since the website launch, a new page for cocktail recipes was added, a section designed for effortless content population by the client.

If you’re intrigued to find out more and you are in the right spirit for some great Swiss spirits, check out their website.

Website: https://www.studer.uk.com