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The Wisley Golf Club

Showcasing The Wisley’s unique essence


Please note: The provided excerpt of the video is a shortened and heavily edited version. The final version is reserved exclusively for The Wisley members and individuals in the process of qualifying for membership.

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Surrey, The Wisley Golf Club embarked on a strategic initiative to elevate its appeal through a thoughtfully designed video.

The primary objective was to articulate the distinct qualities that define the essence of The Wisley and its members, where each of the 700 male and female members holds a share in the club.

Commencing with a methodical approach to scriptwriting, the narrative aimed to capture the unique blend of camaraderie, top-tier golfing experiences, and inclusivity across genders and diverse backgrounds.

Together with a dedicated filming crew, we delved into a 4 – 5 day journey, capturing visually striking footage using drones and cameras. Our lenses captured everything – from sweeping shots of the immaculate fairways to the vibrant camaraderie shared among The Wisley members.

Additionally, candid interviews with current members provided authentic testimonials, offering genuine insights into the distinctive culture and lifestyle fostered by The Wisley Golf Club.

The post-production phase seamlessly integrated film and sound editing, incorporating aftereffects and graphical elements to elevate the visual appeal. A bespoke musical composition resonant with the club’s ethos was curated to enhance the emotional connection.

The final video emerged as an elegant visual storytelling, extending a compelling invitation to prospective members into the exclusive world of The Wisley. Beyond highlighting the outstanding golfing facilities, it emphasized the importance of ownership and community within the club – truly embodying The Wisley Golf Club’s identity and values.