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Upswing – The Wisley Golf Magazine

Seriously passionate about golf – from print to blog page and social

Upswing Brochures Covers

Upswing is a golf and lifestyle magazine in print and digital form for the modern golfer. The concept is based on the values and vision of The Wisley who progressively leads the golf industry. Golf is still seen as a sport and hobby that excludes more than it includes, and The Wisley has always taken a different approach. The love and passion for the game is what unites members. That includes respect for the game and those who play it of course.

Upswing is bringing content to its readers that is clearly different from what you find in other golf publications. Captivating interviews and stories, golf fashion with an edge, luxury motors, as well as travel and art features. Exciting, fresh, slightly unconventional but above all seriously passionate about golf.

upswing home page

upswing home page

What started out as a printed magazine, has soon grown into something much bigger. The brand ‘Upswing’ has very quickly made a name for itself, that could be enjoyed and consumed in various forms and channels – from the printed “lean back” experience to the website/blog page and social media channels. New articles, follow-up interviews, podcasts, and video content were regularly added and promoted through all channels.


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Upswing Issue 01

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Upswing social media

Upswing social media