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Sporty & nice


Most of the Mercedes-Benz models here in the UK take on a sportier bodystyling inside and outside – from larger alloys wheels and privacy glass to sports seats with top-stitching on the steering wheel and the upper dashboard. The original imagery that’s been created by HQ often does not reflect the UK specification, which creates the requirement for the original imagery to be adapted to show the UK specification.

There are different ways to go about the retouch requirements. Sometimes we use 3D rendered panels that we then match to the mood of the image, other times we shoot the parts needed on different vehicles and match them to the original shot. It’s all about skill and flexibility. Our studio will evaluate the original photo and figure out the best way to fulfil the brief. 3D rendering is often wrongly seen as the easiest and most cost-effective solution to generate the required parts. In a very pragmatic approach, we have successfully shot many vehicles in car parks at very low budgets, giving us exactly what was needed to perform high-end retouching.

Sourcing the parts is one thing, but we also have to take into consideration the intended use of the final image. If the retouched image is used for a billboard campaign, for example, it obviously must meet the print requirements.

Retouching jobs at our studio range from technical retouching jobs where we change exteriors, interiors and colours, to creative retouching projects where we create the final look and feel of an image as part of the image creation process together with photographers and 3D artists.