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GMG Color Management Software

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GMG proof control

Remember the days when you received a physical product when you bought software?
Come on, it’s not that long ago. We created the packaging for the entire software range of GMG.
Simplicity and sustainability where two key factors to be achieved.

So we chose an entirely cardboard based solution housing the DVD, the software dongle. Instructions and manuals wehre digital to avoid excessive use of print a paper. However the box also allowed space for a material sample book allowing the customer to touch and feel that proofing material on offer. An essential benefit of the physical transaction.

GMG Products

The key visuals are naturally used across all communication from brochures, websites to events collateral and exhibition space and of course packaging.

GMG is the leading developer of high-end color management solutions. The company was founded 1984 in Tübingen, near Stuttgart, Germany, where its headquarter is still located today. With more than 35 years of experience in managing color, GMG is a pioneer in its field and literally setting the standard in color management. GMG’s focus is on delivering complete solutions to standardize color management workflows across various printing methods and varying substrates. GMG has more than 12,000 color management system installations globally. GMG’s clients range from creative agencies, prepress companies, offset-, flexo- packaging and digital- as well as gravure- and large format-printers to name just a few. GMG is available globally through its subsidiaries and a network of partners.