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The power of storytelling through photography


Capturing moments that make the right impression

Communicating with pictures (moving or still) is now more important than ever. We have all become content creators with many pretty much document their lives (or at least an edited version of reality) for everyone to see.

We work on a huge variety of photoshoots – from big productions involving teams of location scouts, production teams, photographers and assistants, models and stylists, equipment hire, etc. to extremely pragmatic ‘no fuss’ photoshoots which would involve only one photographer and a camera (or even just an iPhone).

Understanding where the challenges and limitations are of each approach is important, and it helps to define what the recommended approach and required tools are for a particular job.

From concepts and mood boards to planning and coordination of the shoot through to post-production and photo editing, we’ve created plenty of images that you may have seen in a printed magazine, on websites, social media, or even on billboards in the UK and abroad.