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The pressure is on with the Aquatak high-pressure washer

Bosch Aquatak-Go

Bosch Lawn & Garden has a global POS requirement. Garden Centres, DIY and Home Improvement Stores all over the world stock Bosch products and of course competitor products too.

Floor and shelf space is highly contended and all brands fight for recognition. POS is probably one of the most challenging packaging projects because the list of demands is huge:

  • Products must be displayed prominently and in line with brand guidlines
  • Product USPs must be displayed at POS
  • Displays must fit securely on a pallet for easy transportations
  • Products must be transported inside the POS in order to save space
  • Displays must be easy to assemble for local staff
  • Displays must be durable enough yet low cost and sustainable
  • The list goes on

Luckily we thrive on a challenge.