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TrueColors – the magazine from GMG

Translation + Creation = Transcreation

Trucolors GMG

For all those who love design and colour. And for colour management professionals who think outside the box.
GMG’s very own magazine trueColors is released bi-annually in German and in English.

We are proud to be a part of the team behind this magazine. It’s really nice to see a brand embrace good old print in such a way. No compromise. Great choice of material, the best finishing and naturally amazing print quality. A pleasure to hold in your hands and immerse yourself in some interesting stories. By the way, subscription to the print magazine is free and, of course, it’s also available online at https://gmgcolor.com/truecolors

The master copy of trueColors is written in German, our in-house team of bi-lingual editors and transcreators adapt the content to resonate with the English speaking audience while maintaining the existing tone, intent and style.

The result is simply not comparable with a translation. Transcreation is an art, just like copywriting is and it requires the creators to not only understand the two languages but also the two cultures.

We do transcreations from English to German and German to English.


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