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User Experience

Shmee 150 reviewing Mercedes-AMG GT R price list

A relatively recent term, claimed by the digital world.

The concept of considering the user experience is however much older and is something designers have been focusing on across all design disciplines for many decades. It would be unimaginable to design a product without putting the user centerstage. The same has been true for a well designed print project. Designers carefully consider every dimension. From material choice to finishing techniques and, of course, the structuring and design of the information. Good design always focuses on the user and considers every aspect of the experience whether this experience is digital or not.

Petrolhead Tim Burton, aka shmee150 or shmee, is a British car vlogger and YouTuber. His YouTube channel has two million subscribers and features videos of him travelling to see and experience exotic cars as well as maintaining and using his own car collection.

Despite the fact that this vlog is a few years old, the principle of structuring complex information with the user in mind is as relevant today as it was then. This user-centric approach applies to all media and all channels of course, and is integral to everything we do.

When the price list of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R was launched in 2016, petrolhead shmee run through every single page of the price list that we created – finalising the spec for his own new AMG GT R.

Watch for yourself: