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As a company, we truly believe in equal opportunity. Sadly, as a society, we have some way to go yet to achieve this.
Particularly the last five years or so have been incredible at highlighting issues that desperately need highlighting. From the Me-Too movement to Black Lives Matter, and just a couple of weeks ago, the Lionesses’ phenomenal success raised awareness that we still have a long way to go before girls have the same opportunities as boys growing up.

It’s so important to have these issues highlighted, and the people championing these conversations must be celebrated as it is all too easy to walk through life totally unaware. Mainstream media has historically not covered half the issues they should have, and it has only been since social media has given so many unheard voices a platform to tell their stories that we finally have these discussions.

We worked on a project titled ‘YES SHE CAN’ with Anna Lane and the team from The Wisdom Council. The project aims to encourage women to take control of their financial well-being and educate financial institutions to change how they try to engage with the female audience much more effectively. We were shocked to learn some of the facts and figures the team unearthed.
Did you know, for example, that it will take more than 100 years to close the pension gender gap? Shocking!

Anna Lane and her team at The Wisdom Council approached the subject from two angles:
One aspect of the project was to get the conversation going among women. Research carried out by The Wisdom Council and independent research highlighted that many women are very uncomfortable talking about money. Naturally, this must change. The basis for anyone to have a healthy relationship with money, allowing them to manage their current lifestyle but also plan for the future, requires the ability to talk about the topic freely.
The second part of the project was to engage financial institutions and make them understand what they need to change in order to engage women in the topic. Ultimately, women are responsible for a significant proportion of investable capital, yet too many feel entirely disengaged with the financial industry and the products and solutions they have to offer.

We created the identity for the project, promotional collateral such as invites and flyers for events and fact-finding reports, as well as the look and feel for the social media campaigns. Anna Lane and The Wisdom Council team have tirelessly been campaigning since the start of the project and Anna has since been appointed President and CEO of WIBF Women in Banking and Finance.

Thank you Anna Lane and The Wisdom Council for choosing us to work with and opening our eyes to this issue.

If you are interested to find out more about the project, visit the ‘YES SHE CAN’ website.

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Yes She Can bag